New members not listed correctly

We had some new scouts added first to scoutbook

Now I am unable to upload docs(paper application) for them in the recharter, and they also don’t show as new members with fees due

I how do I resolve this without making a new records for these scouts?

Pack 399 Crossroads of America

What makes you unable to do this? Do you get an error? If so, what is it?

When you say they were added first to scoutbook, how did they get there? Did you add them manually?

for these scouts, when I check the box next to their name the upload documents is greyed out

Yes they were added manually to record advancement while we processed recharter and applications

Would I just create the new member and them mark them as multiple?

I’ll check with the developers. It doesn’t seem like you should have to add a new one if they were brought in. But we’ll see.

Can you provide your bsa member number and the initials of the scouts you are having trouble with?

They don’t have member # yet but the initials are GH, HR, JA, KP, LG, LS, PI, WR

How about your member number?

110268026 is my member#

@EricLorenz how are you unable to upload docs? what happens? what kinds of files are you trying to upload?

I’m unable to select the upload document to pick a file for these few scouts.

@EricLorenz what is file type? does it have .yyy document type in name?

So you cannot click here?

My issue is the 2nd record in this screen shot. This new scout is listed but not as new and unable to upload a document for them and they don’t have the correct fees associated. Do I simply need to remove them and re-add them?

I’ve reported this to the developers. If we don’t get a response in a couple days, I’d try deleting and then adding one of them.

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I went ahead and re-added the scouts

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