New Parents Getting strange errors with trying to log on for the first time

This is a lion adult partner
In scoutbook does not show pendeding, he claims he has never logged in
I removed the lion partner status to be able to resend invite
the system will not let him connect in in form or fashion. Here is the error

I think what I would try is go to and have them create an account there - it will go through the same process - then use those credentials for Scoutbook

It was tried. I even asked him to request a password reset and the system is not sending him a password reset according to him

I am looking at the screen shoot I sent him and it is the SSO page Do you think that maybe he did get logged in at one point and then had the Google or Apple ID take over?

@RobinWoods he logged in once today - but SSO did not get setup - that is why I suggested the other - what happens with the other?

Is there a way we can get him completely reset? Erase what he has done?

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