New leader, past parent cant log in

I have a new committee memeber who is getting a message that she cant log in due to the SSO. She has an existing parent acct but this is a new position for her. When she uses the user name and pw she was sent whenbadded as a MC, she gets:
You are not setup yet for the BSA single-sign-on (sso) so your use of scoutbook is limited. All users who have not setup SSO by 2/1/19 will no longer be able to use scoutbook. Setup is easy. Just go to your scoutbook my account page and clock on the link setup SSO.
Then below it it says Please contact your local council to get access to Scoutbook

If you post the parent’s BSA member number or Scoutbook user ID, we can take a look.

(No names, please.)

@JeffreyVernon Does this leader have the initials L.G.?

No, she’s new too but hasnt had any issue yet that i known of.
The ID number for the one with the trouble is
BSA Member #:

@JeffreyVernon Your Committee Member with BSA member number 14141644 has 2 my.scouting user names.

One is the part of her e-mail before the @. The other user name has Google sign in turned on.

Which user name does she want to keep? I can request that the other one be retired.

She said to remove the google one if you can.

@JeffreyVernon I have requested that the Google sign in one be retired. However, she should be able to log in now.

L.G. had multiple Scoutbook accounts, but I have merged them.

For your Committee Member with BSA member number 14141644, the user name with Google sign in has been retired.

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