New scout cannot log in

My son (Member ID13825597) and I are both registered at and we can both log in to that site without any problem. He is linked to my account as my son. I can use my credentials to log in to scout book, he cannot (he just sees the spinning wheel forever). I have changed his log in credentials, I have cleared my cache, cookies, and history. I have tried 3 different browsers. Anything else I can try. It would be really cool if he could actually access scoutbook. Thank you.

I assume you’ve followed the instructions here to invite him to connect to his Scoutbook account (using the same email and name as was used at my.scouting)?

If so, and it’s not working, please post your BSA ID and your scout’s (no name needed), and the SUAC folks may be able to help diagnose the issue.

That did it! My son thought he had completed this process, but hadn’t. We repeated it, and now he is able to log it. I appreciate you help.

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