New Scout shows up as parent in Scoutbook

A new Scout registered but the “name” that appears is his Dad’s. I can see in that the Scout name was Bennett (Dad is Joe) and Joseph appears as the name for the Scout. Additionally, Dad’s email address was not linked in Scoutbook and when I attempt to manually add the parent, there are 4 Joseph Cook’s in Scoutbook. Dad (Joe) was previously a Youth Scout. He has no clue what his BSA number was so I don’t know which Joe to add. Lastly, the new Scout shows an association to Black Swamp Council (where Dad was a youth scout) and this needs to be Lake Erie Trail Council.

How do I fix this?

You can post BSA #s and we can look - best bet is parent messed up making a account

Scout BSA # is 110261191

(please do not post names or emails)

@KarenGraves1 this is an issue Councils can fix - I believe they have a document on how to resolve it.

I also have an issue getting the parent connection set-up. So…is there a private way to share this information? Like a tech ticket?

Parent connections are broken right now - watch the change logs for a fix

Sorry, can you describe what a change log is? I’m not in tech … I barely understand how to use this forum.

There are a few change logs on these forums.

Navigate to each of these and find the bell icon (depending on the platform, it might be near the top or near the bottom). Switch it to “Watching” and you’ll get an email when the change log is updated.

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