New Scoutbook Login Page issues

  1. If you check ‘Remember me’, it remembers your scoutbook e-mail address instead of your login id.
  2. Every time you go to the Scoutbook page, it forces you to login, even if you have an active session in another tab.
  3. It is annoying to have to click to get to the login screen. Please provide a URL that takes you directly to login.

I suspect your browser has saved your e-mail address in its password list as the Remember Me check box is broken and does not save anything. I have reported this to the developers.

Are you navigating to after you are logged in? This is working as designed. Once logged in the proper URL is If you go to when not logged in, you will be redirected to If you are finding you are being directed to when you click any link in Scoutbook before the 30 minute timeout, please let us know what link is taking you there.

This is the same behavior as the legcy login screen, you had to click the Login button after going to to log in. When testing the new home page, the SUAC requested a direct link to the login slide-out, but this request was denied. On mobile devices, the Login link will be pulled out of the hamburger menu (3 lines) so the login screen returns to a single click from

If this is “working as designed”, it is a poor, non-standard design. If you are already logged in, the site should not force you to login again if you bring up the main site page.

With the old codebase, going to would result in a login dialog being brought up automatically if you are not logged in, and then take you to the dashboard.

The redirect takes way too long.

Also, no matter what page you go to, for example: the website momentarily redirects you to before finally redirecting you to

You will see the calendar come up briefly, and then it will briefly go to a blank loading page at /mobile and then the calendar will come back at mobile/dashboard/calendar/.

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On pages where you are bringing up something slow, like the roster page, it brings up the roster, then redirects to /mobile and shows loading for a long time, and then goes back to the roster, waiting yet again for it to load.

Steps to reproduce: go to your main unit page, right click on Roster link, select open in new tab.

I did this. The new tab is the roster, the old is still my unit tab. I am using the new Edge (Chrome based). I also clicked on your link to calendar, from there, and it too me to the calendar. Seems to work for me.

I’m not saying that the roster doesn’t come up…eventually.

It brings up the roster, then redirects to, and then redirects back to the roster. so, the system ends up loading the roster page twice. It does this for every page, doubling the load time and impact on the server.

I’m using Chrome.

Also, the new main page has no way to go to the discussion forums without logging in.

Yes, this is what marketing decided to do. You can go to if you want to access the forums without logging in.

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I have not seen this problem. I wonder if there is a cache issue. Try logging in with an incognito window and let us know if you still see this behavior.

I didn’t catch that it eventually came up for you. Nearly every page does a reload in the calendar. This seemed to be introduced when the switched to the newer calendar overview display. I brought it up, but nothing happened. I don’t know if it is in the backlog or not. I agree, though, if many pages are being loaded 2x, then it is a crazy unnecessary load.

It takes 16 seconds to load the Roster page in the same tab, but 32 seconds to load the Roster page in a new tab. The bulk of that time is spent waiting on the server. In the latter case, the entire request is processed twice.

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