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I was sent an email invite to login into scoutbook via a leader with my email and a code. It would not work. The login screen tells me to login using myscouting credentials, which I did. When I do that it says my credentials are not correct. Checked them and I can login into myscouting just fine (hence here and posting issue).

Just to clarify, you’re using your my.scouting.org username and not your email, right?

I recently noticed that when I sent a Scoutbook invite to a new leader (who had already registered), it told her to login with her email address and a temporary password, neither of which are correct.

I hope the developers can fix the invite message to reflect the new login procedures.

I tried both. I had an invite. I tried the newest one. Then I got message, and so I tried my scouting u/n and password.

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We had this same issue and I captured some info in another post. We need this resolved as it is driving users in the the wrong direction.

Our Scout leader sent me another invite. Same thing - requests myscouting u/n password - and same issue occurs.

I really do not have any ideas of what to do. I have tried changing password - still no access.

I switched my login preferences to google credentials. After I did that, everything linked and worked. I was able to login to scoutbook.

I logged into ScoutBook this morning (using my ScoutBook email address and password), and it looks like I was somehow associated with a third BSA ID that I didn’t recognize. I went in and changed SSO to link my primary BSA ID back to ScoutBook, but I was warned when doing so that I had two profiles in ScoutBook now. Now, when logging back into ScoutBook, I cannot see any of my history (former Cubmaster, Committee Chair) or connections (two sons). Any thoughts on how to fix this? I’m advocating for our troop to switch to ScoutBook from TroopMaster, but issues like this that others on committee have faced make them skeptical… Thanks!


I have sent you a private message so we can collect information we need to look into your issue. Click on the white D in the green circle in the upper right corner of your forum windows.

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