New scouts, not showing up in scoutbook

We have a new scout who has crossed over from another pack, his transfer application has been submitted to Council, and council says they have moved him into our troop. I see his name on the roster in myscouting, but he is not appearing in scoutbook. Is there a transition time?

We have another scout who is brand new to the program. His father registered him online and I approved the application online. Father said he received a welcome to the troop email. However, I am unable to locate the scout in scoutbook as well.

Only 12-48 hours. So, once you are beyond 2 days, they should show up.

Thank you, Matt for the information

look at as a key 3 - that is official roster not scoutbook

After they are on your official roster at my.scouting, they should show up in Scoutbook within about 12-48 hours (as Matt said).

After 48 hours, if they still haven’t show up in Scoutbook, please post their BSA member ID number, and we can take a look. (No names, please.)

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