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Scouts not showing up in Scoutbook roster, recently

All our new Scouts have recently disappeared from the Troop roster in Scoutbook. They were transferred from the Pack at the beginning of the year and they were in the Troop SB roster, I also check and they not on the Pack’s SB roster.

Was transfer paperwork ever submitted to the council? Do the scouts appear on your unit’s official roster at my.scouting.org in the Member Manager? That’s what most commonly gets us in trouble in this way. Transferring scouts in Scoutbook doesn’t update the scout’s actual BSA membership affiliation.

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Adding to Charlie’s post, when a scout is not on the roster at My.Scouting, but is on your Scoutbook roster, they do not sync. This has an automatic comparison that runs every night; if the scout’s Scoutbook membership hits 90 days and has not sync’d to My.Scouting, then the Scoutbook membership is ended.

The solution is to get the paperwork (transfer or new member) processed, which adds the scout to your My.Scouting roster. The workaround (while the paperwork is pending) is to adjust the Scoutbook membership start date so as to never exceed 89 days. I suggest adding a note for the actual start date, so you can easily correct the start date when the scout syncs.


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