Scout not showing up in Scoutbook after successful transfer

Hello, I have a transfer scout that is successfully transferred, but not showing up in Scoutbook.

BSA Member ID: 137559984
Application ID: 200891863
New Pack: 841 (Northern Ridge Atlanta)

I have tried refreshing my connections, but still can’t see him.

Strangely he showed up briefly, but then disappeared last week. If it helps, his old pack was 1134 where he is still showing up.

I have requested a position sync. The Scout should be back in your unit later today. You will need to place him in a den in Scoutbook after he is back on your roster.

I recommend contacting your Council and asking them to end the membership in the Scout’s previous pack.

I do see a bug in Scoutbook that caused this. I will notify the developers.

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