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Newly registered Scouts Are Not Editable in Connections Manager

We recently registered two new Scouts (female) to our Troop (7339) Northern Star Council. They appeared in Scoutbook a day after being registered at the registrar’s office. They appear in our roster greyed out and the last name as an initial.


When I click on the "Connect: at the bottom of the Troop Roster it says that I am connected to all Scouts in the Troop;


In Connections Manager, I can edit all other Scouts except to the two new ones where I get a pop up says “You do not have permissions to change this scout’s permissions!”

As they are greyed out in the roster, I am also unable to edit them in their profile to add the parent connections.

Any assistance on this is gratefully appreciated.

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Hi, @DavidEvans1,

If you are a unit admin, try going to My Dashboard -> My Account -> My Positions -> Troop Admin, then clicking on “I agree to join the unit leader roster.” and Update. That should refresh your connections.

Hi Charley,

Thank you for the suggestion, the process does make sense. I performed the operation and the issue has not changed. I should note that I am the Admin of 3 units. A Pack, a Boy Troop, and a new linked Girl Troop. The Admin keys show up in all the units and I am the Committee Chair for both the Pack and the Girl Troop.


Hi David,
You could try another thing from that roster view. Click on your name at the left and it should present the permissions box and all permissions should be selected and click update. Not sure if that will work but worth a try. The other curious thing is that they show up as in a patrol, which is not how the roster sync brings them in so I suspect they were entered by another person other than by sync.


Please send an e-mail to with the Scout’s first and last names and BSA#s, your name and BSA#, council and unit. Indicate that you are not connected to these new Scouts even though you are a unit admin. Ask them NOT to connect you to the Scouts but to allow the developers to investigate the issue.

There is a bug somewhere as all admins are supposed to have non-revokable connections to the Scouts. Post the SSD number here and I’ll get it in front of the developers to investigate.

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I have this same problem. I had a new Scout (female) imported into Scoutbook after they were registered. I placed them into a patrol, connected her parent, and recorded some advancement. Now a day or two later, she is grayed out and clicking the connect button does nothing. I am the Scoutmaster and a Troop Admin. I will send an email to support as Ed requested previously.

Drew, try this:

  1. Go to your Troop Roster page.
  2. Click on your name.
  3. Click on your Troop Admin position / role.
  4. Click on Update.

Sometimes this will reset your Admin connection to all Scouts in the unit.

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for the reply. This did not work for the first new Scout added last week. Support did some magic after I send in a support request per Ed. It did however work for a new Scout added Friday, May I believe Ed wanted me to open a ticket to alert support that newly added Scouts were not under admin Connection automatically. And is some cases refreshing Admin status works and some cases it does’t. The ticket I originally opened was closed and I don’t believe a permanent solution without a work around has been provided.




That did work for my situation. This has happened before and I forgot about this solution. Thank you.

We recently created a new Unit where I’m committee chair and I had this same problem. I have no issue with another unit I chair. One of the new youth is my child but I had no parent connection. And everyone else in the unit appeared as you describe above (last initial, no access, no ‘connect’ option). an email to support and they ‘resent my leader profile with the unit’. that made it where I am connected to the youth that have scoutnet accounts already, but not the ones that don’t. so I can’t add parent info, anything. waiting on helpdesk followup.

Update: they say they went in and fixed my connection with each scout. haven’t verified that all is well yet. scoutmaster tells me she has similar issues. incident SSD-69817 @edavignon