Problems creating topic in forum

Ok so I’m certain this is not the right category for this, but since I don’t see another here goes. I have issues making a new topic in the forums. In order to make a new topic I have to: be in an incognito window, click the new topic button, then click on an existing topic in order to get the create topic window to pop up. Is anybody else experiencing this issue? Is there anything that can be done about this?


I have had the same issue for a loooonnnmnggggg time.


Nice use of the 24 character min


Same issue here… what is going on?

It appears to be an intermittent bug in the user interface. I see it from time-to-time, but not always on every platform. Generally, the new topic button works fine for me both on desktop (chrome & firefox) and mobile (chrome). Occasionally, due to no factors I have yet been able to isolate, both the reply feature and the new topic button fail to display the message entry box in the interface, and doing what @JohnGeiser described usually resolves accessing the particular reply. It does not appear to resolve the somewhat rarer issues I have getting the New Topic button to function, and I generally have to log off of the discourse interface, close and re-open the browser in order to resolve the issue.

I will say it’s not unique to the BSA’s implementation of the discourse interface, since I’ve seen similar issues in some other forums that use the discourse platform., but not in all of the others.