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Ypt dates

This seems basic but I’ve searched without finding an answer. I’m trying to recharter our troop and I’m looking for YPT dates. In myscouting.org under trained leader status page there is a column labeled “mandatory training” and the boxes are marked “completed:Y01” - how do I tell when the YPT expires? I clicked the help box on that page but got errors for both links (youtube links).

In my.scouting, click on your unit, then on YPT Reports.
The third column from the right shows the YPT expiration date.

Keep in mind that some Councils require all leaders to renew YPT annually so that it does not expire during the time they are registered. If you are in one of these Councils, you will need to check the last date YPT was completed to determine if the leader needs to take it this year. The expiration date is the national date, not the Council date.

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Thank you. I managed to make it much more complicated (and unsuccessful).