New Transfer Between Units Process

How long should it take to have a newly transferred scout (Pack to Troop) show up in the new unit? They did the transfer in late December and we still can’t see her. We also made the transfer in Scoutbook and her record is not syncing because she is missing in Member Manager. Now she has completed Scout rank and I cannot award because she is nowhere and nothing is matched or syncing.


We can’t really answer this question. Each Council processes applications at a different rate, especially during recharter time. I suggest contacting your Council and verifying they have the transfer application and asking when they expect to process it.

So there is still an ‘application’ that needs to be processed? Since we submitted no paper, it’s just an electronic transaction that needs to be approved?

I feel like we’ve traded one frustrating and slow process for another, and made little forward progress.


If the electronic process was done after the recharter paperwork was submitted for either unit, she may have been “lost” in the process. Unfortunately, the systems are not smart enough to catch transfers or new applications submitted during recharter.