Botched Transfer

My daughters transferred councils this summer, but most of the advancement information did not carry over. When I look at “My Connections” on Scoutbook, I now have two instances for each of my daughters…one for the old council(s) and one for the new council. Please help.

Scout 1:
Old SB UID: 10523052
Old BSA MID: 136607708
New SB UID: 12025931
New BSA MID: 14573175

Scout 2:
Old SB UID: 10523097
Old BSA MID: 136607777
New SB UID: 12025923
New BSA MID: 14573219

@ThomasShallue what council are you in currently - as I see other MIDs

@ThomasShallue you are all set as long s Black Hills is current council

Black Hills is current. Thanks! Looks like most of it is there now. I’ll have to take a detailed look. I can already see that Scout 2’s Bobcat isn’t showing.

Looks like the unit never approved it

So I have to get ahold of the old Pack, to approve it, right?

new pack could - old pack would have no way

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