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Scouts not transferring

Two scouts transferring from one troop to another receiving troop has gone and approved things in Application manager but youth not transferred receiving unit 2220




any thoughts


@RonFedele I see no evidence of this transfer in our systems - Council might be able to check Application ID ? Both in 2152G

@DonovanMcNeil or anybody else

I am really stumped Council cannot see transfer and shows her in old troop. This shows her in new unit. Though strangely it says coming soon which may be part of the problem. This unit has been around for awhile


Screen Shot 2021-09-07 at 1.52.12 PM

this indicates to me charter is not set @RonFedele

i was thinking that but they are up and running long time accepting scouts online as well

Looking at the section of your snapshots titled “Review Application”, it seems like the orange box noting “Pending Acceptance” suggests that the receiving unit has not yet approved the transfer. That might be an issue irrespective of the state of the unit’s charter.

Or am I misunderstanding what that box means?

ETA: I understand that the unit thinks it has approved the transfer. It just looks like the system doesn’t agree with them based on that box.

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@RonaldBlaisdell you have better contacts on this than I do I think

I was just about to email him :grinning:

“Coming soon” units need to get their charter to accept new members. So, what’s the hold-up with the Charter?

@RonaldBlaisdell @DonovanMcNeil Ok here is where it gets strange

Unit has been chartered since 2019 they may have had a coming soon unit prior to that but that would be in Council 28 SFBAC which merged into Council 23 GGAC is it possible there is a ghost unit out there?

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Possible, yes, but that seems very strange. Have your Council submit a trouble ticket to National. That will help.


Just to close the loop in the unit screen in scoutnet special interest type was set to scouts bsa-girl troop reset to traditional unit fixed the problem