Where did my scouts disappear to?

I’m a little frustrated! Well, actually more than a little, but at any rate, 2 of my scouts disappeared. I was trying to enter the information for a few merit badges they have earned as we have a court of honor in 2 days. They are missing. I think I might know what happened, but it is a bit frustrating to not be able to take care of keeping things moving smoothly. They are moving to a new unit, but this was to be their last court of honor and now I don’t know if the new troop got their information and just moved them? or what. When I tried to get other boys listed in our unit, I had to wait for the old unit to move them. So I’m not sure what happened.

This isn’t working well. One day they are there and then they are not. One day they are not and then they are.
How really is a transfer from one unit to the other supposed to happen? Seems to me that they should be listed in both units for a month or two so that things can be entered and updated as they make these transfers.
Anyway, I’d like to know how it is supposed to work. And how can I enter their badges earned now that they are not there on my unit roster?

If it’s an in-Council transfer, they get automatically moved in Scoutbook once the transfer application are processed by your council.

Check if you still see them under my dashboard > administration > my account > my connections. If so, add a membership to your troop (don’t remove the one to the other). Once they are completely done with you Troop, you could remove that membership by adding an end date.

It is all dependent upon how the Council registrar did the transfer. If the Scouts were left on your roster in my.scouting.org and placed on the new Troop’s roster, they would remain on your Scoutbook roster. If the registrar removed them from your roster in my.scouting.org then the next day they would be removed from your Scoutbook roster.

They are in “my connections.” However, this won’t allow me to approve or mark awarded. Next best thing is to leave a note. But this isn’t a very smooth move.

Also, the one boy shows up as him until I enter a new merit badge and then his name becomes someone elses and the badges actually show up on his account, but the little boy whose name shows on his account is actually a cub rather than a scout. I logged out and logged back in. Did the same thing. I do have some screen shots that I’m uploading for you.

When you see them in your connections, click their name. Then, click their membership. If your unit is not under current membership, find it under past memberships, click it, remove the end date, check position approved, and click update.

If it is under current membership, does it have a green shield by it?

The instance where you see another scout’s name is because that is a drop down list of scouts in your units. Since the scout is not in a unit, it has to find one who is.

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