New Unit Creation

My council has set a goal of increasing registered units by almost 16% this year. We have a few spring starts who are in the chartering process now, and some are smart enough to ask, “When can we start using Scoutbook to help with our planning and communications?” We’ve told them that the process of creating the new unit in Scoutbook is automated once the charter has been processed by the registrar, but we’d like to be able to give them more than that.
So, in no particular order, I’d like to get help answering the following questions.

  1. How long does it take from charter posting by the registrar until the unit is accessible to the newly registered leadership of the new unit?
  2. Is there any difference for currently registered leaders who are joining the new unit?
  3. Can new Scouts and parents create individual accounts before the unit is created?
  4. What online resources are available to provide guidance to new units?

Thanks in advance!

  1. 24-48 hours AFTER processing unit should appear with leaders.
  2. Does not matter cause the unit does not exist
  3. Kind of but not a good idea and they would be able to accomplish nothing

Thanks, Donovan. Any recommended resources for #4? I want to arm our Commissioners to help these new units get off on the right foot.

I am better on Troop resources as a SM - but

Are 2 VERY good places to start

I hope your council is not just splintering units to gain unit numbers - that makes weaker units

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Are you looking for Scoutbook-specific resources? Start with:, then send them here to the forums ( if they have questions they can’t resolve from help documentation.

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