Accessing Scouts in a new Chartered Unit

We have formed a new Girl’s Troop. Paperwork was submitted and we are “registered” back in late March/ Early April. However, there has been issues with National getting Scoutbook setup for our Troop. (something about needing to have at least TWO new scouts instead of all transfers & cross-over scouts)

Is there way for the SM/ASM/CC/AC and other committee members able to access Scouts and input in advancements?

We also have three girls cross-over who are still on their respective Pack registration. Is there anyway that we can move these girls or at least trigger them so they register as Scouts instead of Webelos so we can start updating their advancements?


You are not registered with any troop. I need the BSA Member ID (no names) of one person registered with this troop to be able to locate it.

Would our troop even be in Scoutbook yet? That’s what I think the issue is, they can’t/haven’t been able to create our Troop within Scoutbook. We have our charter certificate, but they can’t get us in Scoutbook for two months now.

Anyways our CC - 130209801, but I bet she won’t be registered with the troop either.

EDIT: We just want a way to make sure these scouts aren’t being penalized because they can’t “official” earn ranks, advancements, and MBs because Scoutbook isn’t playing nice (Like the three girls who are still registered with their packs and working on MBs).


I’m looking in Akela, the BSA person database that includes all registrations for all members.

Your Committee Chair is only registered with Pack 52 as CC and COR, your Council as an MBC and Eagle Valley district as a Roundtable Commissioner and District Member at Large.

You will need to speak with your Council about the status of the charter paperwork and registrations for this troop.

The Scouts are considered registered the day they turn in their applications so they should not be penalized. This is not a Scoutbook issue, this is an issue with the charter of the unit.

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Interesting… that is not what we’ve been told by the council. Thank you, I will follow up with our CC and SM/ASM.


What is the unit number of the troop. I may be able to look up the charter status.

Troop 1G, based out of Quincy IL.

There is no girl troop 1 in Missouri Valley Council. The only troop 0001B is chartered by Blessed Sacrament Parish. I can’t see cities, just charter org names.

Interesting… Very Interesting. We are out of the same CO.
This has given me some insight, and possibility of where to start asking questions.

I will relay this information to our SM/ASM/CC.

Thank you.

@AndrewR - without any doubt the key 3 should be asking council for the unit status. Now on those scouts still with the pack… they really should not be working on merit badges or scout ranks just yet.


But they have all earned their AoL and have Crossed Over. So you are saying they can’t work on the Ranks or MB until they are officially moved over?

@AndrewR - unless registered in a troop… no they can not. If they are still officially registered in a pack then if is a no.

So apparently the issue is that we need TWO “New to Scouting” Scouts to submit their registration as well, to “Start” this troop, instead of just the five “transfers”.

Because of this, we are penalizing these three scouts who have crossed-over. If National can’t get this fixed, by June, are you saying these Scouts can’t work/earn anything at Summer Camp?

We are penalizing the Scouts for something beyond their control because of a “requirement” even our XO did not know about?

EDIT: Reworded to remove hostility.

@AndrewR - i understand that this is very challenging and indeed agitating but as has been noted your key 3 need to discuss this with your council. Nobody wants to have any scout penalized due to adult issues certainly not me.

Our Council is well aware and are working on this too. Our XO is also our SM. The CC is in the Council office almost every day volunteering or working on projects.

@AndrewR - i am going to step away from this as you seem to be directing your anger and frustration at me and i am just a volunteer. So with that in mind. I am so done with the BSA.

Sorry, I’ve tried to reword my comments to remove the anger. None of it should be directed at you. I know you are just trying to help. Just working with my CC on this it seems anytime we try to get somewhere with forming of this unit, another road block pops up.

And of course, this conversation has also gotten off-topic from my original post.

As Ed said, if they’ve completed a paper app, they are registered. Don’t penalize them for how long it takes the adults to process it.


The requirement to start a unit is 5 youth members that are listed as primary. Your council can change the registrations of existing scouts so that your unit has 5 primary youth. Your Scout Exec is also authorized to reduce the number of youth needed to start a new unit.

This is not a national issue. It is with your council.

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That is good to know.