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New Unit Payment Logs

This is an awesome new feature! We really like being able to use paypal and it makes payment tracking easier. I have one request… PLEASE ADD IT TO ADULTS! Adults have activity log, it doesn’t make sense why its not available for adults as well.

@TraciScott - through the Scouting App, the user can determine the amount they wish to pay. If it’s $5 or $100 on a $20 due

With a business account you can avoid transaction fees two ways:

  1. They can send to a friend using your @name handle.
  2. They can make a payment to your PayPal.me URL but must un-check “Goods & Services” or fees will apply. I’ve had that page “skipped” and had to use the Back button in the browser to go back and un-check the “Good & Services”.

NOTE: Using the “Request Money” and “Invoices”, which are always for “Goods & Services”, will both result in transaction fees to the unit.

These are the instructions I have been using for our Troop:

Paying with PayPal:

IMPORTANT: Make sure it is a SEND CASH action, NOT a PAYMENT; otherwise the FEE will be deducted from your payment.

Send Cash to Friend: @TroopXxx - Choose Friend or fees will apply.


PayPal.me: https://PayPal.me/TroopXxx - Uncheck Goods & Services or fees will apply. Use browser back if it skips without giving a chance to choose.

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You can view your transaction and transfer limits by going to “Account Settings > Limits”.