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SPL Can't Access Unit Forum since 12/23, tickets keep getting ignored

I entered a ticket on 12/23/2019 that my SPL can’t access the unit forum. About 1/month I enter a new ticket pointing back to the original ticket. They apologize and close the new ticket saying they will work on the first. No progress, no messages, nothing.

How can I get this resolved?

We use the forum in our troop for PLC notes. The scribe types them in, it tracks what the topics and agenda are for the next month. It is hard that the SPL doesn’t have access to this. :frowning:

Can you provide the ticket number?

I found the ticket SSD-91677. I’ll try to get it looked at.

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@Matt.Johnson in case it helps, sorry if you have already tried this, my scouts who couldn’t access the forum hadn’t ever fixed SSO. They had to register with my.scouting.org and then go into Scoutbook and switch SSO. Once they did that, they had access to the forum. If your SPL has a yellow banner at the top talking about SSO, that’s your indicator that this is the issue.



I will try that! It is a good suggestion as the forums use SSO.


That may well be the issue, and I would work through the other scouts who have connected to their accounts.

We have been, but it has been over 5 months of “we are working on it”.

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