"No Data" icon in camping log entry

The past couple of days when trying to add people to activities, get an icon with “No Data” and when this is canceled, a message dialog with “Expression {personGuid} evaluated to null.”

Same dialog appears when trying to search for scouts in the Roster.
Screen Shot 2021-06-15 at 1.25.01 PM

Anders Monsen
Troop 809

Hoping this gets looked at / resolved as no one in the troop can enter service hours, camping nights, or hiking in IA. My BSA# is 12470138 and I’m the Scoutmaster, and no longer see any scouts in the roster in IA.

Anders Monsen

@AndersMonsen - I was able to add and modify activity logs for all of my units. You may want to post your BSA ID to have that checked.

Hi, @AndersMonsen,

I’m not able to reproduce your issue when I look at adding people to events for my troop. When I pull down the list, I get a list of all of our scouts and adults. I am an ASM and Key 3 Delegate. I would assume as SM you would show up as a Key 3.

When you are trying to enter data, check the fleur de lis icon in the top right corner and verify that your SM position is being shown there. I’ve had issues when my Non-Key 3 Delegate role is selected.

I assume you’re still seeing scouts in the official roster at my.scouting.org, as well as your SM position showing as current (and BSA ID matching) in your my.scouting profile?

@AndersMonsen - @CharleyHamilton has pointed out a key item. What do you see if you log into my.scouting.org? Likewise in IA, there is a scout emblem in the upper right along with a dropdown that should show your position.

I see all scouts and leaders in the roster at my.scouting.org. Leaders were able to add activities on 6/13, but nothing after that date. My position is shown in the fleur de lis as SM, which is the first thing I checked. No other leaders in the troop are able to enter any records, and the “Expression {personGuid} evaluated to null.” error message shows when trying to view the roster.

I have passed it on to the developers for investigation.

I get the same error: Expression {personGuid} evaluated to null.
When I click to approve an activity, I get this message as well:
“It seems we are experiencing temporary issues with our servers. Would you like to switch to Offline Mode and synchronize your changes later?”

I am having the same issue. I do not see any scouts in the roster when I log into Internet Advancement.

Update: The above was for the boy troop. For my girl troop, I am getting the “Expression {personGuid} evaluated to null.” error, but I see the full roster and I can add scouts to an activity.

Hi Folks - I am having the same issue. I do not see any scouts in the roster when I log into Internet Advancement. Court of Honor Tuesday and I’m trying to get stuff inputed. I’d love to know how to get this resolved (or if anyone else got it resolved). Thank you!

Have been receiving “Expression (person Guid) evaluated to null” error for past several days while trying to add participants to our Summer Camp Activity Log. Under Add Person function, “No Data” appears. Actually, the Expression Error appears upon accessing Internet Advancement. I am the Scoutmaster.

I have submitted a report to National. Being Saturday, I’m not sure when we will have a resolution, but probably, not until Monday.

Just touched base with BSA IT. The Scoutbook group is aware of the issue and working to resolve.


I have the same issue. Not sure if it’s relevant but in my.scouting I’m listed as the scoutmaster for Troop 0001. In IA it is listed as Troop 1, and my son in IA showed in Troop 0001.

Literally side by side they are different…