IA Activity Log Roster Empty

My BSA ID: 12383390

I am attempting to edit existing and create new activity log entries (all three categories). When selecting “ADD PERSON”, it only displays “No Data”. I have performed page refresh numerous times, tried different browsers, and restarted my computer, to no avail.

This has been an issue previously, but page refresh formerly provided resolution. My last successful entries occurred near end of January 2024.

Please advise.

@NicholasPOWELL Are you trying to add activity logs for your troop? Or for your pack?


Good question – apologies for my detail oversight.

I am attempting to edit and add activity logs for the TROOP (T0015).

Yours In Scouting,

/s/ Nick

**Nicholas F Powell


The “directions” you provide result in a partial solution-Thank you.

However, I no longer see a “complete” roster, from ~2024/02/01. I find it ironic that I can log into IA, and access the levels I participate at (district, pack, troop, etc.), and it even lists my roles, but I AM NOT ON THE ROSTER! Even though this is my home unit, where my dues are paid to. BSA needs to provide a publicly available, easily readable change log, contemporaneous to these changes. I suspect what may be causing this issue, but I do not like having to knock around in the dark to discover what decision-makers, and programmers already know (do they know?).

If your only position role with the troop is as an Assistant Scoutmaster, then I believe you do not have the permissions to enter Activity Logs for the troop.

If you are a parent of a Scout in the troop and you are not showing up on the troop’s roster in IA, then that is a separate issue and a bug that was reported earlier today:

Thank you for your reply, and sharing additional information.

Although I am a parent, I am also a registered ASM for this unit. I also note many other registered leaders are not appearing in the roster (they did before ~2024/02/01). I successfully “passed” recharter, submitted by/for this same unit.

I am not Key 3 (nor delegate), but your previous information allowed me access to updating activity logs. Again, there is “browsing” functionality (via activity log, and create or edit) from before ~2024/02/01 that does not appear presently available.