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Activity logs show nothing. All at 0. Says "We've encountered a problem with this feature."

One of our scout’s activity logs have been broken for a couple of months. They all read 0 and clicking on Camping, for example, results in a page that says “We’ve encountered a problem with this feature. Our development team has been notified of this error.” His twin brother’s logs are correct. He does have a date in the “Date Joined Scouts BSA:” under Edit Profile, which was something mentioned in another post.

Any idea when this will be resolved? I’ve got new activity to enter…

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not sure mine seem fine - both on activities page and on a scouts profile - maybe try a new Incognito window

In Scoutbook, try going to the Scout’s Membership page, click on the Scout’s current membership with your troop, check the box next to Position Approved, and then click on Update. Then go to the Scout’s main page and see if you see a yellow bar with an error message there.

Thanks. I tried that and there’s no yellow bar. Also, the check box was already checked, but I turned it off and on again and clicked Update.

@MichaelKennard I just sent you a direct message. Please click on your avatar in the upper right.

Although the scout’s Membership page showed the correct council, the wrong council was listed on their Profile page. After I fixed the profile, the activity logs started showing the correct data. Thanks JenniferOlinger.


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