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No 'Import File' option in IA 2.0

I don’t see an ‘Import File’ option in Roster->Activity. I did an import in July and even see it in ‘History’. Can anyone shed any light? Thanks!

Hi there! Thanks for the quick reply. I don’t see that button when I login. Yet, I did see it and use it in July.

@HemaVadlamudi - could you post a screen shot of what you do see ? Were there any changes in your unit positions and roles ?

I just went to take a screen shot and the import option showed up! I don’t know what to think, glad though! About 1/2 hour ago, I generated the court of honor report in TM Web and did the ‘Send to Council’. Does the import option show up only when an advancement report has been received perhaps? Thank you!

YOUR BROWSER WINDOW MIGHT HAVE BEEN TOO NARROW and it jumped to the mobile display where that does not show

That’s it! Thank you!
I had a bookmarks column open which narrowed the width of the window.