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No pending items shown but need approvals shown

I check the roster for pending items, and there are
none. But when I look at activities I see those who
were in an activity showing needs approval. How
do I approve these items.

@MichaelChronister - here is what I see in my troop pending:

@MichaelChronister What is your registered position in the unit? The ability to approve is tied to certain positions / roles at my.scouting.org.

When I do a pending items, nothing shows up. However, when I look at an Activity, members of activity are all showing “to be approved”. Also total members is wronged. Is there a way to approve just the activity?

I am Advancement Chair

@MichaelChronister - I see that this is an Eagle project. Those hours are reported in servicehours.scouting.org

You make a valid point that they should be reported there, but there’s also value to tracking them in IA2/Scoutbook gonna-be.

There was a discussion (by @DonovanMcNeil?) on another thread that BSA is aware there will likely be double-reporting for some time of those hours, since units/scouts need to track them for advancement/unit activity tracking, and nationals tracks them separately for reporting on Eagle projects. I’m not personally sweating the double-counting that is devolving from what I suspect is a temporary existence of parallel systems.

An easy way to address this down the road would be a toggle on the service activity definition that says “Eagle Scout Service Project”. Then, nationals/council/district can scrape the database based on that flag to get the information they want. It’s Dilbert easy! ;^)

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For the Eagle Scout service project itself, the total hours from the project workbook should be recorded at servicehours.scouting.org. This is usually done by someone at the district or council, but YMMV. If I remember correctly, there were a bunch of other systems that relied on this data, so that is the reason why it is staying there for now.

However, for Scouts who are assisting another Scout’s Eagle project, those hours can be recorded at Internet Advancement. There is a category called “Assisted someone else’s Eagle Project”.

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Back to the original issue. @MichaelChronister - could you have a key 3 in your unit verify that you are assigned to the Advancment Chair role in my.scouting.org and while they are there perhaps they could also assign you as a key 3 delegate if they so desire.

Thank you. I didn’t realize that Eagle Project itself was still with servicehours. I did find the “Assisted someone else’s Eagle Project”.

I went back on checked on a Non-Eagle Scout Service, but is still showing 0 participants and 0 hours for the activity. However, the scouts’ records are showing correctly. All are also showing as a JTE recorded.

With 0 hours and 0 participants showing, thought, is it really getting posted to the JTE program and giving credit at national level?

I have had a key 3 verify that I am Advancement Chair, but I don’t think I am a Key delegate.

I got a clue from Jennifer Olinger about reporting of the Eagle ScoutProject itself. But, as she pointed out, there is a category in IA2 for “Assisting in Eagle Scout Project”, and that is where I had placed the activity I was having problems with.

My question is, that the scouts show the activity in their records, and the hours, however, in the activity itself, there is 0 hours and 0 participants recorded. I thought that might be to prevent the double recording you mention. However, I have some other non Eagle projects that show 0 hours and 0 participants for the activity as well

@MichaelChronister I think I understand what you are asking.

One of the issues with the old BSA service hours website (servicehours.scouting.org) is that it wasn’t linked to individual Scouts. This is why when service projects were migrated from the BSA’s service project website (servicehours.scouting.org), it appears that the do not have any Scouts. If you click on the activity, you should see the number of hours associated with the service project.

Talk about confusing.

If the service report was from May, activity show 0 hours and 0 participants. The examples I have though are not Eagle relatedd

If the service report was from June the activity shows total number of hours for ALL participants, but only shows the number of participants who were non scout/scouters These records were all Eagle assisted.

All reports show JTE

Events that were imported from the legacy logs went in as personal activities. Each Scout or adult has their own even if all the data lines up.

Events entered into the new log system can be unit or personal activities. This may be why you see a difference.

Do your items have a completion date entered.?I have had items that will not show as pending without a completion date.

I checked and the service projects both show a start and stop time that is the same day. However the start time is 12:00 and stop time is 11:59. I see no where in the edit function for a service project to put a stop time.

Try to change the start time to a day earlier to see if it then shows up as pending

That didn’t seem to make a difference

Thank you