No Scouts in Roster

I have a CC who has no scouts in her Scoutbook roster. They appear in My.Scouting. Her unit was recently formed (middle 2021) so they are chartered through 12/31/2022.

@MichaelHeger most likely they have multiple log ins - what is the BSA #?

her BSA # is 136745744


FYI just check her BSA ID in My.Scouting is the same as Scoutbook

yeah all the members are missing except her - will have to investigate

For some reason her Committee Chair position did not sync to Scoutbook. I have requested a position sync. Check again after 4:00 PM Central today.

thank you - I will check after 4 and let you know

unfortunately, still in the same condition. no scouts in Scoutbook.

Checked this morning with her - still no scouts or adults in he Scoutbook

We have escalated this to the developers.

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