Scout's BSA ID field on Scoutbook became blank

We have a Scout (ScoutUserID=11844924&UnitID=214649&DenID=&PatrolID=127743) who is not matching to the official unit roster. And I found out that when I go to “Edit Profile” her BSA ID is missing. I also checked on - her ID is also missing. How can I make sure that her BSA ID 137284961 gets added properly on her profile? We are unable to sign off on her advancements anymore.

Please let me know.


It looks like someone gave that member ID to her mother. I also saw the mother had two Scoutbook accounts. I think I fixed the errors, please check again.

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Thank you so much. Are you able to look into another Scout for me?

BSA ID 137111426 suddenly disappeared from our Roster.


The BSA Member ID is not registered in your Council. It is registered in Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council. The Scout will need to register in Greater Yosemite Valley Council (where he will get a new BSA Member ID) in order to be on your troop’s roster in Scoutbook.

That is so weird because he has been in our roster for a few weeks now and then just disappeared. Okay, I will check with our council. Thanks.


A leader can add a Scout to a roster in Scoutbook but after 60 days, if the Scout is not on the official roster at, they will be removed from Scoutbook. If you look at your roster, you will see this Scout is not on that roster.


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