NOA progress not working

Several parts of the NOA awards are supposed to be automatically completed when scouts complete the appropriate ranks or merit badges, but only some are filled properly for my troop. And you can’t click the boxes yourself.

Can you specify which MBs you found are not automatically marking as completed in which National Outdoor Awards? That will help the developers locate the issue more quickly.

Seems like any of them entered since about mid 2019.

For example, orienteering completed June 2019 didn’t register for the hiking award.

Works fine in my Troop - is the Item approved or just completed?

For NOA (Camping) in my case, both rank and merit badges are not autofilling in. Manual workaround of clicking on top % complete does work for now. Here is a screen shot of completed rank and camping MB, and second of the two completed merit badges (First Aid and Pioneering in this case) and nights camped:

Yeah, that sounds like it might be part-and-parcel of the issues with completion percentages and auto-filling that are being investigated by the developers right now. It seems to be a pretty widespread issue, based on the most recent discussions I’ve seen.

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