Non-renewed adult leader still in Scoutbook roster

I have a non-renewed adult leader who, post-recharter, still shows in Scoutbook. Why is that? His Scoutbook status is “pending”.

If I go to my unit’s roster at, he does not show, which is expected.

It is my expectation that adults who are no longer members do not show in Scoutbook, except possibly as a parent.


there is a 60 day grace period after they are dropped in my.scouting - for recharter lags - Pending in scoutbook just means they have never logged in - you can put an end date on membership in scoutbook if you want

Thank you. Wasn’t aware of the 60 day thing. Do you know why? If someone is no longer a leader, seems like that the end-date of leadership should be the end of access. Seems odd to extend access beyond that.

Yes, our folks are generally in “pending” because my troop uses TroopWebHost instead of Scoutbook. Little incentive for most to use Scoutbook.

Generally, it’s because it takes the registrar some time to process recharters, and having instant loss of access would be more problematic than residual access for someone who already had it. For those who need to have access immediately removed (e.g. someone whose registration was terminated for cause), I suspect that they would be manually removed when their registration was revoked. Also, as @DonovanMcNeil noted, units can end the Scoutbook unit leader role, which will immediately terminate Scoutbook access.

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That makes sense. Thank you.

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To expand a bit, the system is a bit odd. To my knowledge, the system didn’t allow a renewal to be processed fully and “posted” until the end of the old charter. So, there will always be a gap (until the process is changed). For charters that met a very narrow definition of complete, they auto posted on the 3rd. Not on 1200am on the first.

The rest, sat as the registrar whet district by district processing them. Our district wasn’t even started until
about Feb 15th. These are good people working hard, I guess there could be more, but there seems to never have been and the current state of finances shows it isn’t to improve.

That’s fine, but it would be great if there was some indicator of this account status in Scoutbook.

I was confused why it appeared that recharter adds had been processed but drops had not. Now I understand, but understanding requires insider information.

Great point. At least 3(?) times they have implemented these little green stop watch icons by accounts on “borrowed time”. Each time they have done this, they seem to revert for one issue or another (all accounts get flagged or some wrong subset). I assume it is still in the plans.

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