Timeframe for Scoutbook to work after troop's recharter

Hello! My troop’s chart expired in mid April. My troop’s Unit Leaders have paid our dues and worked with our council for the recharter. What is the timeframe that Scoutbook will be available for me?

Depends on when the recharter hits my.scouting. Generally, I’d expect to see Scoutbook access 24-48 hours after things are complete in my.scouting.

Keep in mind that this may not restore all connections, so there may be some legwork to get everything running again.

Are you able to see the new charter in my.scouting (Ley 3 only, I think)? Like @CharleyHamilton said, it maybe a day or 2 after that. But! Not until my.scouting shows it is done.

For some, their council doesn’t get to it for 30-60 days AFTER the old charter expired, not after the new was submitted.

@WilliamPratt I think your troop’s recharter just posted yesterday, so you should have access to Scoutbook again today.

Thank you so much for your help.

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