Missing Scout profile in ScoutBook

Hi there! We have a new scout who transferred from another troop, but the only profile that is showing up for him in ScoutBook is his old cub scout profile, so all his scout activity is lost. Can someone please try and find another profile for the scout with BSA ID: 140645586 and merge the 2 accounts so his scout advancements show up in SB? Thanks, Tanya

@TanyaSteinhofer I think I might have found the council, but the date of birth is slightly different.

What council is the Scout coming from? And is this a transfer or a multiple registration?

Hi Jennifer! The scout is transferring from Troop 237 in Orinda, CA. His mom sees 2 profiles for him in Scoutbook. One is BSA ID: 140645586 (good one). The other is BSA ID: 132449500. Can you please merge the two, keeping the first one? Thanks, Tanya

And his correct birthday is (removed by Moderator). Please make sure that is the one in the profile that remains.

@TanyaSteinhofer Thank you for the Scout’s BSA member numbers.

The Scout’s DOB is the same, but they used a nickname when they registered the Scout as a Tiger. That’s why he got a new BSA member number.

I will work on merging the Scout’s Scoutbook accounts.

@TanyaSteinhofer I have merged the Scout’s Scoutbook accounts. A unit Admin will need to go in and add the Scout’s nickname / preferred name in Internet Advancement.

Thank you! What nickname did they use?

@TanyaSteinhofer Trey

@TanyaSteinhofer Sorry, there was a third BSA member ID number and Scoutbook account.

I have merged the Scoutbook accounts.

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