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Not connected to 1 Scout


I am an admin for our troop and we have a new Scout who was just added. For some reason, I am not connected to this Scout??? Weird!! We have 4 admins and only 1 is connected.

Please advise


This sounds like a bug. Please send an e-mail to with the Scout’s name, BSA#, council and unit. Post the SSD number you receive in one of the automated replies so we can get the developers to look into the issue.

This is a bug and should be reported (see Ed’s post above), because the unit Admins should be automatically connected.

However, you could try going to your Troop Roster page, click on the name of one of the other Admins who is not connected, click on their Troop Admin position, then click on the Update button. Sometimes this resets the Admin connections to all Scouts in the unit. Repeat until all Admins are connected.