Should Scoutmaster receive "Take Action on Applications in Application Manager" emails for pending youth applications?

Who is supposed to receive the Take Action on Applications in Application Manager emails for pending youth applications?

These are auto-sent by BSA when there are pending applications in Application Manager.

I have both the Scoutmaster and Key 3 Delegate roles for a troop, so I thought I would get these when there are pending youth applications. I only found out about this email when my Committee Chair alerted me.

While the Key 3 Delegate role is superfluous for me, I was just recently appointed as Scoutmaster and was a Key 3 Delegate before then.

I think it is a once a week email on Thursdays, IF you have not already taken action.

Our experience is different. The email’s date is “Tue, Feb 28, 2023 at 10:00 PM”. That is self-reported by his email program, not verified by headers, but it is concerning a transfer application sent to us by a pack the evening of Sunday, Feb. 26.

No matter you slice it, was not sent on Thursday. :slight_smile:

In response to the title of this post, absolutely Yes.
If you compare it to how things used to be, the process has not changed much from the old paper apps.
As Scoutmaster (The Unit Leader) that was the person whose signature was the ONLY one on ALL youth apps. The Committee Chair and COR (and Council rep) signed all of the adult apps.
The online process has changed slightly in this respect. Overall for the best.

Unfortunately, I have seen firsthand that when you have multiple roles as you do (SM and K3D). It does mean you will receive multiple emails.

There is more info about the whole process at this link:

Thank you. This is concerning a youth application. Scoutmaster is able to accept youth members. As Scoutmaster, I feel I should get these notifications.

I’ll update my original post to clarify this.

Yes, as the registered Scoutmaster, you should receive these e-mails for youth applications.

I would recommend contacting your local council and ask them to submit a help ticket to National on your behalf.

You can also end the Key 3 Delegate functional role, as it is superfluous for you.

We have an adult who completed an online adult application for our troop 12/15/22. Her application status shows competed from her my.scouting account. The application has never been visible for the troop’s key three in the application manager. Originally, we thought it was related to recharter, but that was completed months ago and she has yet to show up. Any thoughts? Her BSA # is 129310646.

@CarrieKnapp I can see a registration for her as an ASM, but only for the month of December.

In the Application Manager at my.scouting, there is a filter (icon looks like a funnel). Ask your troop’s Key 3 or a Key 3 Delegate to click on it, change the type to “Adult”, set the from date (or clear it), and then check all of the boxes. Then they should be able to see her application.