Not linked to all scouts

Help. Irene N. MID 128304976 is not connected to all the scouts in T701B, and T701G. Unit has tried updating via Connections Manager, but isn’t successful…

Can you get her connected?

Marian Mcquaid
Spirit of Adventure Council

@MarianMcQuaid that is for the unit to do - an admin can go to roster > Connection manager - click the adult name and make all connections at the same time

Is that adult showing on their official roster at my.scouting? I think that, for anything beyond View Advancement/View Profile, the adult in question has to be in the roster as a registered scouter.

Unit admin claims to have done it, but…I am a disbeliever.

She is. I believe we have a case of operator error.


Are the units large? They might want to try using the Connections Manager found on the patrol pages.

The CC is a bit smarter than the rest and was able to get her connected to all 7 girls. She tried the boy troop (54 scouts) and got an error msg. She will try again and will screen shot the error msg. I will suggest she try patrol by patrol when I chat with her tomorrow.
TY for the idea.

@MarianMcQuaid I’m thinking that her boy troop is fairly large, and she might be running into a timeout error because off all of the connections that are involved between the Scouts and adults.

If she tries going patrol by patrol, I think it will work, because there will be fewer connections involved.

@MarianMcQuaid i’m not having any trouble pulling up or using connections manager for units around that size. In addition to a screenshots, please find out at what point she gets it.

The Committee Chair was able to get in and updated the connections for everyone. Then discovered on 35 scouts of 53 are connected and getting unit emails. We talked about that and they have a plan to correct that. Thanks!

Well Scouts only get emails if invited by parents - the parents should be getting the emails regardless

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She was able to see that the parents are all connected, but it seems the parents think the Scouts are getting the emails without connecting them. She decided to have 2 patrols worth of parents come in at a time and use laptops, etc to connect their scouts. I sent her the directions you posted TY

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