Do newly added scouts need connections manually added?

We had a scout missing in our roster. He now shows up after getting corrected through council. However I was not connected to him automatically as an admin and cub master. Our advancement chair also did not have the same permissions as he does for all other scouts in the pack. Do I have to update all of his connections manually?


All Scouts in a unit are supposed to be automatically connected to all of the unit admins. Please send an e-mail to with the Scout’s name, BSA member ID, your unit and council. Explain what happened and ask that they connect you to this Scout. Also please post the SSD# you receive back in one of the automated e-mails so we can have the developers investigate.

I checked again and it looks like the connections are there now. I manually connected myself but now all of the other admins are connected. Maybe there is a batch process that has to run?

What about the other connections such as Advancement Chair? Do those have to be manually managed?

Only unit admins are automatically connected. A unit admin needs to manually connect any other leaders to new Scouts.

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