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The following statement appears on one Scout’s account that transferred from another Troop to ours. “[name removed by Moderator for privacy] has not been matched with a Scout in your Units official roster. Please check with your council.” The Council Office does not know what’s wrong and our Council does not have any Scoutbook experts. The Office has the Scout registered. The program will not let us update anything until we resolve it.

Does the Scout appear on your official roster at If not, the Scout has not been officially transferred to your unit. You will need to work with the Scout’s parents and your council to get the Scout officially transferred.

Post the Scout’s BSA Member ID (no name) and we will investigate.

How do I check our official roster at I wanted to check our entire roster at various times without having to ask the office every time. By the way, I’m the Committee Chair for our Troop and have admin rights for our Troop in Scoutbook. Thanks so much for replying.

Scout with BSA member number 133191727 is not currently registered. You will need to work with your council on his registration.

As Committee Chair, you can check your official roster at my.scouting by going to your unit’s Organization Manager.

I don’t see Organization Manager on As for the Scout not being registered, I’m not sure why. He was a registered Scout with another Troop. We added him to our Charter Renewal, He dropped off our roster in Scoutbook, so we turned in a transfer youth application form to the office and we added him to our roster in Scoutbook. That’s when the note appeared.

Under “Menu” there should be a menu item that is Troop XYZ. Under that, Roster.

The other issues with the application need to be addressed with the council / council registrar.

Thank you so much for helping me find our roster. I’ve been wanting a way to pull an official roster (not just what we have entered in Scoutbook) to know exactly who we have registered at any point during the year.
I will continue to work with our Council Office to fix the individual Scout problem in Scoutbook. Have a great day!

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