Problem with Unit Leader "not showing on official unit roster in my.scouting"

Hi there.
We recently started a linked girls unit. One of the committee members for our boys unit volunteered to be on the committee for the girls unit as well. She filled out an online “multiple” application and we advised the COR so he could approve the application. He has tried, but it doesn’t seem to be working. The committee member shows as a leader on the girl troop scoutbook account but it has the yellow triangle noted that she is not on the official my.scouting roster. The BSA ID for her is 132313905.
Any guidance woud be appreciated.

If Key 3 does not see them on Roster - then they are not registered with unit

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That MID is only registered with a single boy troop and as an Merit Badge Counselor.

I can see her on our roster for the boys and it shows her as a committee member. This was an online application (multiple) to be a cm for the girls as well.
This is what we see on my.scouting roster for boys

There is nothing for a Female troop

What specifically is the problem that the COR is encountering when trying to approve the application? Do they not see the application? Is a particular error message being thrown?

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@JenniferReiter I would recommend that you contact your local council for assistance.

They should be able to see the application and its status (pending, etc.)


The COR keeps clicking the toggle to approve and nothing happens. He has accepted others since hers without issue. Also, she shows on the girl troop on scoutbook as a leader (CM).
Perhaps the committee chair just added that on her own since this adult is connected to a scout in the girl troop.
Is there a way to clear the online application out so that she can try again?

@JenniferReiter as Jennifer stated - talk to council

Ok. Thanks for trying.

@JenniferReiter - the COR is attempting the approval in ?

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