Not showing as MBC until searched

When having parents connect their scouts to me for cit in com MB I walk them through add new MB. On page where you “connect to leader” with red bar at top of page, they click it, list of all MB councilors in area for cit in com shows up. All the other leaders in the troop show up. A few weeks ago I was showing, but now, with both our boys’ and girls’ troop, I’m not showing. The parent has to go the top and click the “add” red button, type in my name, scouting id number, city and state before scoutbook finds me, and then they can connect me. With the final scout last night even that way didnt work. The parent had to do all that AND CLICK THE BOX THAT SAID “MB COUNCILOR ONLY” before the system would find me. Any ideas as to why its getting harder to find me?

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