Yellow ! next to BSA scout transferred from Cub Scout Pack

I have a new scout that recently transferred from cub scouts into our troop 849G. She does not show up in Internet Advancement and there is a yellow explanation mark next to her name in Scoutbook. I checked the my.scouting roster for our troop, and she does not appear. Her numbers are below.

Scoutbook BSA Member #: 137383966
Scoutbook User ID: 12024579

The Scout is not registered in the Troop - the pack or parent can transfer them - or you can bring them in officially with In Council Transfer button on SB Roster.

Thank you. It shows that I am unauthorized. I’m the advancement chair. Should I get our scoutmaster to do this?

Can you please remove that image from the forum?

Key 3 has to do it - or a key 3 delegate I think

MYST Transfer tool.pdf (222.1 KB)

MYST Transfer tool Unit.pdf (191.2 KB)

I did this with our 4 crossover scouts, and they transferred in scout book….but not on roster….showing that yield sign. Timing issue?

@NanetteVogler Please detail exactly what you did.

@NanetteVogler - i transferred AOL scouts last friday night and they were in and scoutbook by Saturday AM. It was a transfer out on the pack side and then accept application on the troop side in so i am suspecting this was only a membership change in scoutbook ONLY.

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