Scoutbook roster not picking up transfer scouts shown in the my.scouting roster

Hi all, have a couple of recent transfers that are not syncing with Scoutbook even though they are showing on our pack roster in my.scouting. It’s been a couple of weeks, so in theory, the roster should have already synced, unless my understanding of the process is off.

If someone is able to take a look, the BSA numbers involved are:
—Edited to add—
Also having problems with a leader’s SB entry - 13390676, shows as not on roster, even though showing as trained leader in my.scouting

@AndrewBurns this seems like a recharter period issue - talk to council I think

Hi Donovan, looks like the leader issue was resolved. Have a question in with council, but in the meantime is there anything that I can do by myself to verify the recharter is the source of the issue? Let me know on that. These kids were in our district, moved away and moved back. Not sure if they need an edit on their SB profiles or added manually to the roster in SB?

Memberships are in AKELA now - They should be in Scoutbook in the morning


Many thanks for your help!

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