Print advancement report

How do I print an advancement report? I’m able to print the “needs awarding” report, but I’d like to be able to print an advancement report so I don’t have to handwrite all the merit badges earned. Thank you!

Are you in Scoutbook or Internet Advancement?

I’m in Scoutbook. Thanks!

What are you needing to do with the Advancement Report?

Turn it in to the council.

@JanetMathis In Scoutbook, go to:

  1. Needs Purchasing Report
  2. Click on View Open PO or View Closed Purchase Orders
  3. Scroll down below the red “Save / Update” bar and you will see “Advancement Report”. This is the report that the Scout Shop is looking for.

For your own purposes, you can group Purchase Orders (Group by Item Type or Group by Scout) and save to a CSV file or print to a PDF file by clicking one of the buttons in the upper right corver.

Thank you so much… really appreciate it.

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Can someone tell me how to initiate a new topic? I am a Scoutmaster and have been using Scoutbook for 6 years, and am having a new problem and I need to get some help.


David Dowd

@DavidDowd If you switch to “Categories”, then you should be able to select the sub-forum and then click on the “+ New Topic” button.

Thanks for the assistance

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I click on the new topic button and nothing happens.

Don’t feel bad. You’re not alone. I have the same problem and have for months.

OH… and I don’t go report it because… well… I can’t start a new thread.

@MarkWestcott David Dowd was able to start a new thread yesterday.

What issue are you having?

@DavidDowd what is the problem you need to post about

@DonovanMcNeil I believe David Dowd’s issue was this thread:

Sorry I wasn’t clear about that. I can’t start a new thread… and of course, can’t start a new thread to report it…

Chrome Version 92.0.4515.131
Using Feature Assistant

Weird, @MarkWestcott. It’s working fine for me in both Chrome (same version) and Firefox with and without the FAE loaded.

I’m assuming you’ve already tried an incognito window. I’m wondering if maybe it’s another browser extension that’s causing the heartburn.

@MarkWestcott - if you are trying to open a new topic on mobile that is problematic as it opens a child window so you will not see it unless you are good at child windows on mobile.

@MarkWestcott I use the discourse app for mobile

And I would have gotten away with it if it were not for that meddling kid @jacobfetzer :slight_smile: