Nothing happens when I click my son's name in an event, i.e. can't RSVP

I’m unable to sign up my son for campouts/events. I click his name, but nothing happens. I’ve tried via my phone (Safari) and PC (Chrome, FF & IE) I’ve also tried clicking my name, but that does nothing as well.
I confirmed that I can see my son in Administration and my name shows with the link icon under Parents/Guardians when I click on his name.
So what’s the secret to allowing me to RSVP for either my son or me to scout events?
BTW - I submitted a help request, but haven’t heard back.

try this - go to you son’s page > click your name > bottom of next page just click update

Hi Donovan, I should have looked at the other events. It appears to be just this event, I’m able to update his registration on other events.
You can mark this closed.

Closed per original author’s request.