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Parent can’t RSVP nor mark as attended

I have not found a resolution to this yet - I posted a few weeks ago and attempted several suggestions to troubleshoot.

I have a new father who is unable to RSVP for himself. I, as the Administrator can’t RSVP for him either. His wife can RSVP. Intermittently, they are able to RSVP for their Scout.

I am also unable to mark this father as having attended Scout functions.

Help please.


Were the parents invited to the event?

Go into the scout’s connections. Click the father’s name. Check the box for Other Family Member, and click update. Then, go back, remove the Other Family Member box, and click update. That may reset the parent connection.

Hey, hey!! :slight_smile: I think that did the trick!
Thanks very much!
So far so good! I checked both. I’m able to mark him as attended now as well as get his RSVP options to pop up.

Thank you for this trick! It helped solve my RSVP/Attendance issue too.