Notification Transfer email for Youth transferring from Pack to Troop

I just initiated the transfer of my AOLs to Troops in my.scouting. I got the below email for my Scout, and have gotten reports from other Parents of the same. The email seems to be something that should be going to Adult transfers rather than for Youth as it talks about YPT and other training. Is this a settings glitch or something wrong with the set up of our Scouts in the system triggering the notification? Thanks! For reference I have Pack Key 3 delegate and Council ACC level access in my.scouting if it makes a difference.

We’ve received a transfer request to join Troop xxxxx in xxxx on behalf of Pack xxxxx.

Please go to your my.Scouting account, click on the Menu button, and select My Applications. You will find an application to Troop xxxx. Please fill out any necessary information and submit your transfer request. Once your transfer has been accepted by Troop xxxx, your existing registration with Pack xxxx will be expired.

National policy requires that you take BSA’s Youth Protection Training before any participation with youth.
Please click here to get started. Also, check with your unit leader to find out if any additional training is required.

For any further questions, please contact your unit leader or council.

@JasonCostarakis so you used the MyScouting > Roster > transfer??

@JasonCostarakis What process did you use to make the transfer?

@JenniferOlinger selecting Scouts in unit roster on my.scouting, transfer selection at the top of the list, select unit by type number and gender, select the unit from the list, hit the transfer button.

I’m also curious about this part? Was there anything for you to fill out? I’ve used this method to transfer scouts from a pack to a troop before, and I was of the belief that the parents didn’t need to do anything.