AOL that transfered to Troop that use scoutbook

I have some AOL that have crossed over buy still show up in scoutbook. I am told the troop they went to has scoutbook. Do I as the CC have to do anything or is it on the Troop to do it? Does it screw something up if I give the AOL an end date in our pack?

@SaraFrisch - were they transferred via

I have no idea? in past years i would just get an email saying the scout was transfered to troop ###.

@SaraFrisch - well that is the transfer process in

so as CC of the pack what do i do? wait for the troop to take care of it and they stay in our pack until then?

@SaraFrisch - as CC you can tranfer them to the troop in

But someone from the troop will also need to accept the transfer using the Application Manager.

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if i transfer in and no troop shows up then the does use scoutbook?

it appears the search it not working.

@SaraFrisch - 4 digits on the unit number

If the troop doesn’t know how to use the Application Manager at my.scouting, then the Scout will need to transfer using a paper application.

Does the troop have any leading digits? For example: search for Troop 0100 not Troop 100.

so i found the troop (i forgot about the 4 digits) but it says no registeration found

i have 3 scouts to transfer to 2 different troops. 1 got one transfered (troop 0165) , the other 2 say no registation found (troop 0459)

I would recommend waiting another week or so. It is possible that the Scouts might have already turned in paper applications to transfer to their new troop, and they just need time to be processed.

I imagine the Troops charters are open

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