Merit Badge Counselor Assigned Scouts page

User Story: As a Merit Badge Counselor, I want to have a page where I can see all of the scouts to whom I am assigned as their Merit Badge Counselor so that I can better serve them.

With the Councils going to using Scoutbook as the official MBC list and source of truth, it would be good to encourage use of the system by MBCs by providing them a page/portal where they can go to more easily see the scouts who they are working with. From that page, it would be good to be able to go directly to a specific scout’s advancement page for the merit badge for which the MBC is assigned.


I believe that per guide to advancement it is the scouts responsibility to contact the MBC not the Scoutmaster.

I know in my unit I (Advancement Chair) will send a courtesy email to a MBC that we have not worked with before to let them know a scout will be contacting them about being their counselor but I don’t send one for those we have worked with before.

This feature isn’t requesting that the SM contact the MBC.

If you use the Feature Assistant Extension for Scoutbook, there is a Reports for “MB Counselor” which can show you the Scout(s) you are connected to as a MBC and for which merit badge(s).

Sorry Daniel that was a reply to your other post.