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November 21, 2019 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Calendar for Ships
    • The attendance feature for Ships is now working. Ships should be able to take attendance starting 1 hour prior to the event start time.
  • Trained Leader Strip
    • The Trained Leader Strip will now show on the Positions page for any position for which the leader is registered with the BSA. The Trained Leader Strip will not be displayed for previous positions or positions for which the leader is not registered.

New Features

  • Adult Date of Birth
    • If an adult account in Scoutbook does not have a Date of Birth, the first time the user logs in with a temporary password, they will be prompted to change the password and enter their Date of Birth.
  • Reports Menu
    • A new reports menu pop-up has replaced the old My Dashboard reports menu.
  • Roster Builder
    • Roster Builder has been rebuilt. A new Roster Builder Manager allows users to create, and save rosters with additional fields available for inclusion. PDF and CSV versions of roster reports can be created.
  • Star, Life, Eagle
    • Requirement 3 (Merit Badges) for Star, Life and Eagle ranks will be marked complete when all required Merit Badges for the rank are marked complete or approved.
    • The Board of Review (Requirement 8 for Star and Life, Requirement 7 for Eagle) cannot be marked complete until Requirement 3 (Merit Badges) is marked complete or approved.
    • Except for Requirement 3 (Merit Badges) no requirement for Star, Life and Eagle can be marked complete until the previous rank is marked complete and approved in Scoutbook.
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