Number of merit badges earned in district

As the district advancement chair, I’ve been asked how many scouts have earned the Citi in Society merit badge. This information was on the old District Advancement Report but I can no longer find it. Could someone point me to where this information has moved? By the way, no one at the Council office knows where to find this information either.

A Council Admin can pull the information from Scoutbook > Dashboard Reports Menu > MB in Progress - MBC View. The report can be filtered for the desired badge. I’m not sure if other registrations (such as your District Advancement Chair) are able to pull the report.

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I can assure you the district advancement chair (which I am) can not pull this report.

At a district level advancement chairs can only pull reports from my.scouting for district info. Those reports tell us how many merit badges have been completed in the district but not which ones.

In Scoutbook we can only pull that report for badges we are counselors for.

I know what I am suggesting is manual, but I have heard of some council admins pulling particular reports and sending them out monthly. Not an ideal self serve setup and requires valuable time of others.