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Report of all Cub Scouts who have "not" earned the Bobcat Badge

I’m looking to pull a report of all Cub Scouts in the council that have “not” earned their Bobcat badge? Or possibly a report of every Cub Scout who “has” earned it if it’s not possible to pull a report of every Cub Scout who has not earned the Bobcat badge. Is anyone aware of a way in Scoutbook to do this? I talked with the council registrar and she said it’s not possible in the BSA ScoutNet system without going through Scout by Scout or looking at a detailed advancement report and highlighting those who have not. Any help would be appreciated.

Definitely not possible in Scoutbook, which is a unit tool, not a council or district tool.

You can use the standard advancement reports and cross-reference them with new registrations by unit, and feed that to the units so they realize they may have missed recording some Bobcat advancements. Any deeper than that and you’re really getting into the unit’s business.

@RickHillenbrand Rick, is there a council advancement report that can do this?

Volunteers want to put together a bobcat boot camp sometime after the first of the year for Scouts that may have not earned it because of the pandemic, but wanted to see how many Scouts actually have not earned it before putting something together. Likely it will be something virtual.

Thanks for letting me know. I wasn’t sure. I was hoping their would have been an easy report the could be generated before we went the long route.

Bobcat is a very easy rank to earn, and if a Pack is failing on that, I think the council/district should focus on programs and resources to help those packs and their Den Leaders get back on track. A Bobcat bootcamp may fix the immediate problem, but then what?

The District Advancement Report that Ken mentions (which your DE should be able to produce) is really very helpful. It shows year-to-date totals for every unit and every rank for both Packs and Troops. It even includes merit badge totals.

If you pull the report for 12/31, and compare that with unit membership totals, you’ll quickly see which units are falling behind. Those are the ones your Commissioner corps and Council/District committees really need to reach out to ASAP.

If you take over running Bobcat, which is really the first easy step, you’ll take away an easy win (and learning experience) from Pack leaders. But if you figure out how to teach them how to fish…